The Characters

Meet the characters who will take your child on the learning adventure of a lifetime! Listen to Fuzz sing about how it all began ...

Fuzz is a Zooter from the Andromeda galaxy. He’s adventurous as they come, so when his folks give him a spaceship for his birthday he zoots off to explore new galaxies and learn all that he can.

Ditto is Fuzz’s spacedog. He loves eating space cake (which is soft, golden-coloured sponge filled with delicious sweets). He’ll also follow Fuzz to the end of the galaxy and beyond!

Cathy’s favourite food is ice-cream. She loves being with her friends and making sure that everyone is happy. She’s a born teacher!

Thandi loves to be outside with the trees and the animals. She knows how precious the world is and she’s determined to keep it safe!

Greg likes looking for bugs in the sand. He also likes getting things done and loves to lead his group of friends.

Thulani is a rock-solid and dependable friend. He’s the guy who can keep a cool head when the going gets tough.

 And this is how it all began ...

Click "view" to download "Fuzz and Ditto on Safari" or "Fuzz and Ditto at the Sea"


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